Youth Month 2020

Archbishop Desmond Tutu summed up the Zulu proverb Ubuntu as `the essence of being human’. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation.  It’s about our interconnectedness … Too frequently we think of ourselves as individuals, separated from one another.  Whereas in truth we are all connected and what we do affects the whole world. So when you excel, that excellence extends to all of humanity.

As we celebrate Youth Month this June, we are reminded of the importance of reflection and the value of our interconnectedness.  Our CEO, Mark Orpen, recently spoke about Youth Day and why we celebrate it, considering how far we have come as South Africans in the past 44 years, the importance of developing and the need to adapt to new ways of learning as the future unfolds.   He was encouraged reflecting on IPD’s significant contributions over the past two decades; how not only the lives of IPD graduates have been changed for the better, but the lives of their many students as well.  IPD has proudly graduated over 10 000 Learning and Development Practitioners, since year 2000, which has significantly enabled the Skills Development Revolution of the 21st Century in South Africa.

Whilst IPD may not be able to host a physical gathering for its’ annual graduation ceremony in 2020 (due to COVID19 restrictions) its’ accredited  Management and OD-ETDP Qualifications are now more accessible through an online LMS and student graduation shall be hosted as an online event later in the year.   

We invite you to take advantage of our accredited learning programmes and qualifications in June and July where we have SLASHED our prices for new registrations CONTACT US NOW

Note: During this transitional period, learners already fully enrolled in our programmes are being accommodated; COVID19 Level 3 policies are in place and fully operational.

Turn 2020 around and get qualified this year.  Despite social distancing, we are still very much connected so let us help you get there…

The IPD Team

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