NQF Level 4

Learning and Recognition of Prior Learning Advising Practices Skills Programme

Articulates into the further Education and Tra ining Certificate: Occupationally-Directed Education Training and Development Practices, SAQA ID 50332. This course will equip learning and RPL advisors to: Prepare for and support individual and group outcomes-based learning sessionsProvide learners with guidance and support around their learningDevelop…
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Train – the – Trainer Practices Skills Programme

The Train-the-Trainer programme equips existing or prospective facilitators with the competencies to prepare for and facilitate learning in specific contexts. Participants in the programme review current education and training practices in their organisations, as well as the requirements of these praand how to improve them.…
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NQF Level 5

Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation Skills Programme

This programme is aimed at those candidates that are already involved in Learning a& Development (L&D) practices. A minimum of two years’ work experience in training is therefore recommended. The programme enables specialisation in the assessment & moderation role. The programme may also be taken…
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Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring Practices Skills Programme

This programme is aimed at those candidates that already have a baseline competence in Human Resources Development (HRD), general management and Learning & Development (L&D) practices. A minimum of two years‘ work experience as a supervisor, manager, Human Resource practitioner or trainer is therefore recommended.…
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The 4HR Masterclass is a three-day event that equips HR executives to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in their organisations. The Masterclass will equip you to: Understand the emerging technologiesLearn about the impact technologies are having on work and workplaces, across industry sectorsDialogue with…
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