Staying Ahead

Unbelievable!  We are already half way through the year.  If 2020 has proved anything to us it is that we are a society who values connection and our ability to adapt is of vital importance.

Our CEO, Mark Orpen, has long recognised the inevitable adjustments the Institute of People Development (IPD) needed to make to be relevant in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  IPD has evolved and become even more relevant enabling accredited learning and development provision in the country.

So how, you ask?   Well, we rebranded the organisation, stimulated 4IR conversations with many of our clients to rethink HR during 2019, and then began moving our invaluable accredited learning programmes and qualifications online.  IPD assists accredited institutional providers with platform for their eLearning deployment as well migrate their traditional training courses online.  We are excited to witness our 2020 vision unveiling! 

Now, more than ever, acquiring new skills is imperative for survival.  Many of you may need to complete accredited part or whole qualifications to retain your current positions or prepare for a new career in a fast changing work environment.   At a time where employment is a privilege we invite you to take advantage of our accredited online learning programmes and qualifications.

Sensitised to how lockdown has affected your budgets, we have SLASHED prices offering  “Break the Lockdown” special rates to new registrations in June and July 2020.  For more information on this unbelievable offer  CONTACT US NOW

Note: During this transitional period, learners already fully enrolled in our programmes are being accommodated and COVID19 Level 3 policies are in place and fully operational.

Remember folks, stay ahead in life, not just the curve – let us help you get there…

Regards. The IPD Team

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