Skills development remains acknowledged as a key driver of economic growth in South Africa.
Without it, the workforce cannot move forward. Graduation is a word that is filled with hope,
a promise for a more specialised future, and a symbol of commitment to personal and
professional development.
The Institute of People Development (IPD) recently celebrated the culmination of hard work
and dedication; it held its Graduation Ceremony. The festivities were kicked-off with
testimonials from graduates, giving honest insight into the emotional, physical and mental
peaks and valleys that learning and development can entail.
Bernadine Alexander, who received a Level 4 Certificate confirmed that; “Coming back into
the world of study after very many years entailed amazing character tests. While my own
journey was by no means easy, I appreciate every single day. Since starting I have had so much
exposure, opportunities to facilitate, present, assess, etc.”
Recognition of Prior Learning Alumni, Takatso Ntsime, shared that; “Learning is a lifelong
journey of self-discovery, personal and professional development. Completing my RPL made
me realise that I have just begun the journey of learning and continuous personal
development, and as a result I will be studying towards a Generic Management qualification
in 2017. I now truly believe that passion is the driving force behind success and my purpose
in life has been affirmed.”
The ceremony was officially opened by Mark Orpen, Chief Executive Officer at IPD. He
encouraged graduates to celebrate the development journey, and to lift the education and
training bar to the next level in Africa. “Imagine raising standards in teaching, facilitating,
assessing, learning design and development. Imagine implementing world class standards in
managing learning, human and other organisational resources and validating professional
management practices. Well, these graduates here today have done exactly that and I am
exceedingly proud of you!”
Orpen also advised students to embrace lifelong learning; “However, your journey is certainly
not over – you have reached a milestone – but the destination remains ahead and ‘continuous
professional development’ is your next mode of transport. We encourage you to join the
appropriate Professional Body, register and pursue the requisite designation. There are many
obstacles that will cross your path. From economic turmoil to political tension and changing
environmental factors; life simply isn’t easy; but when you equip yourself with the tools that
you need to succeed – and add the necessary skills to overcome these obstacles – you have
placed yourself ahead of those that don’t.”
Orpen concluded that; “This journey of life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the full, and
that includes accomplishing personal success in the workplace. So well done to all you
graduates for equipping yourselves with the tools to accomplish your goals! Now step into
your role as IPD alumni with pride, confidence and a passion for learning more on your path
to greatness.”

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