Learning & Development Programmes

Occupationally Directed-Education Training and Development (OD-ETD) Practices Programmes.

Level 4

  • Education, Training and Development Coordination & Administration Skills Programme
  • FET Certificate – Occupationally Directed Education, Training & Development Practices
  • Learning and Recognition of Prior Learning Advising Practices Skills Programme
  • Train-the-Trainer Practice Skills Programme

Level 5

  • Assessment, Moderation and Evaluation Skills Programme
  • Facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring Practices Skills Programme
  • Learning and Development Management Skills Programme
  • Learning Programme Design and Materials Development Practices Skills Programme
  • Needs Analysis and Skills Planning Programme
  • Certificate: Learning and Development
  • Diploma: Learning and Development
  • Qualifications, Standards and Curricula Development Practices Skills Programme
  • Recognition of Prior Learning towards Qualifications in Learning and Development Practices