Learning & Development Qualifications

Recognition of Prior Learning toward a Qualification in Learning and Development Practices

Many Learning & Development (L&D) managers and practitioners have years of experience in conducting needs analyses, developing programmes and materials, training, conducting assessments, evaluating and managing learning programmes. If you fit this description, you will probably have acquired much of the competence required for a Certificate or Diploma in L&D Practices. You may therefore be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to earn a full qualification and register for a higher level of study to progress your career.

IPD offers a comprehensive RPL process, targeted at different constituencies that assist L&D practitioners to acquire any one of the following three qualifications:

  • FET Certificate: OD-ETD Practices (NQF Level 4)
  • National Certificate: OD-ETD Practices (NQF Level 5)
  • National Diploma: OD-ETD Practices (NQF Level 5)

In each case, a candidate should:

  • Complete an online pre-assessment on the IPD website to establish eligibility for RPL
  • Identify those unit standards (or parts thereof) in terms of which you are already competent
  • Complete and submit an enrolment form to register for the desired qualification through RPL
  • Attend a scheduled RPL planning workshop to chart the course
  • Undertake self-study and work experience to achieve competence in areas that you are not yet competent in
  • Compile a Portfolio of Evidence to prove your competence, with support from your RPL advisor
  • Undergo assessment and be issued with one of the three nationally registered qualifications as above

This course consists of self-directed online learning (video lectures followed by completion of various tasks and activities), coupled with facilitator/tutor support over Telegram group chat, Telegram individual chat and two scheduled Zoom group support sessions, one every three months.

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