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Qualifications, Standards and Curricula Design & Development Practices Skills Programme



This programme is aimed at those candidates that have a baseline competence in Learning & Development (L&D) practices. A minimum of two years’ work experience as an educator or trainer is therefore recommended. The programme enables specialisation in the Qualifications, Standards and Curricula Design and Development role. The programme is well suited to those tasked to design and develop NQF qualifications and may also be taken as part of the National Diploma:OD-ETD Practices at NQF SAQA ID 50334.

This course equips existing or prospective qualifications, unit standards and/or curricula developers with the competency to:

  • Analyse sector, industry and organisational needs and trends to determine learning and recognition needs
  • Develop an outcomes and qualifications matrix
  • Draft outcomes-based standards for learning and assessment, whether curriculum standards, industry standards, unit standards or qualifications

Participants in the programme review existing qualifications, standards and curricula as well as the requirements of the relevant Quality Council and their organisations. Participants share their opportunities and challenges with one another, working together in designing qualifications, unit standards and curricula required to implement outcomes-based learning programmes.

This course consists of self-directed online learning (video lectures followed by completion of various tasks and activities), coupled with facilitator/tutor support over Telegram group chat, Telegram individual chat and six scheduled Zoom group support sessions, one per week.

Unit standards awarded upon successful completion of this learning programme:

117856 Define standards for assessment, education, training and development
NQF 6 – 8 credits
115792 Access, process, adapt and use data from a wide range of texts
NQF 5 – 5 credits
117858 Design and develop qualifications for assessment, education, training and development
NQF 6 – 6 credits
15218 Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes
NQF 6 – 4 credits


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