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Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation Skills Programme




This programme is aimed at those candidates that are already involved in Learning a& Development (L&D) practices. A minimum of two years’ work experience in training is therefore recommended. The programme enables specialisation in the assessment & moderation role. The programme may also be taken as part of a full generalist qualification at NQF SAQA ID 50334.

This programme equips assessors, assessment designers, programme evaluators & moderators to:

  • Evaluate learning programmes to identify strengths & weaknesses, as this becomes the focus for designing assessment strategies that work & will provide ROI
  • Design any type of assessment, including; integrated assessments, QRPL assessments, workplace selection assessments, cost-effective Qassessments & performance management related assessments that may become necessary
  • Design assessment plans, instruments & guides
  • Plan & conduct assessments of learning outcomes, including planning & Qpreparing learners for the assessment, conducting the assessment, Q providing feedback to the learner, reviewing the assessment & Qproviding feedback to relevant parties
  • Establish internal & external moderation systems, processes & tools
  • Conduct moderation & manage verification processes internally within the requirements of the relevant Quality Assurance Body


Course content

It provides experiential understanding of assessment, moderation & evaluation by taking participants through selected assessments, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), self-assessments, peer assessments & other experiences of assessment.

It links assessment to performance management & measuring return on investment of the training.

Participants in the programme evaluate learning programmes as well as existing assessment strategies, policies, systems & tools. Participants sha re their challenges with one another, working together in developing the fit-for-purpose systems & tools they will require to participate effectively under the NQF &/or the National Skills Development Strategy. Learning sets—study &workgroups—are set up during the training. This encourages participants towork together even when back in their organisations.

During each week of self-study & work experience, participants can work together to achieve particular outputs. These outputs cumulatively lead to the development & implementation of assessment designs, planning & conducting assessments, establishing moderation systems & evaluation systems.

This course consists of self-directed online learning (video lectures followed by completion of various tasks and activities), coupled with facilitator/tutor support over Telegram group chat, Telegram individual chat and six scheduled Zoom group support sessions, one session per week.

NQF Level 5: 45 credits

Unit standards awarded upon successful completion of this learning programme:

115755 Design & develop outcomes-based assessments
NQF 6 — 10 Credits
115753 Conduct outcomes-based assessments
NQF 5 — 15 Credits
115759 Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments
NQF 6 — 10 Credits
123397 Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments
NQF 5 — 10 Credits

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