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IPD May 2014 Newsletter


Every business and organisation relies on their management to build, sustain, maintain and improve. Management training should be utilised to forge a strong foundation for current and potential managers while teaching them how to build morale, engage with others and communicate effectively with their teams.

While exceptional leaders may be born, exceptional managers can be made! A well trained manager will flourish through effective leadership, appropriate motivation and effecient delegation. Who better to lead any organisation into the future than a manager that has come up through the ranks and led his/her team to success?


  • Public Schedule for Management Programmes open.
  • IPD's ETD Verification was successful yet again!
  • Thank you to all of our Learners and Assessors for working hard to keep our quality brand in place!
  • Please note that the next verification will be scheduled for July 2014.

Mark Orpen holds the prestigious position of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of IPD. With an undying entrepreneurial spirit, Mark founded IPD in 2000.

Having completed a National Diploma in Marketing and Sales, another in Learning and Development and a National Higher Certificate in Occupationally-Directed Education, Training and Development Practices, Mark has all the skills necessary to execute his duties as CEO of IPD. With a keen desire for the acquisition of knowledge, he has also completed training courses in International Network Marketing and Commercial Property Investment.

Mark lists collaboration, innovation, new venture creation and entrepreneurship as his professional passions. He confirms that his professional goals include creating multiple and sustainable income streams through on-going enterprise development initiatives in the property, finance, technology, education and training, conservation and tourism sectors.

As his personal achievements Mark lists his marriage to his wife, Whinny, as well as the family lifestyle choices that he has made, allowing him to spend quality time with Whinny and their boys, Matthew, Daniel and Jordyn. In his spare time, Mark enjoys partaking in adventure activities with his family and his personal hobbies include sailing, power boating, game viewing, creating new ventures and putting his private pilot's licence to use.

Gizelle McIntyre started at IPD in 2010 and holds the position of Director and General Manager. Gizelle loves IPD because it enables her to find solutions via design and implementation of relevant and useful skills programmes that meet the needs of an individual's career and their company's needs. Gizelle believes that there is something magical about that moment when someone grasps a concept that will empower their lives from that moment on.

With a passion for Learning and Development, Gizelle strives to learn more about the field that she has chosen to specialise in on a continuous basis. Showing the makings of a great leader, Gizelle is also passionate about her staff at IPD, and their careers. She wishes to see all of their career aspirations and learning needs fulfilled. Gizelle trains and leads with inspiration from Picasso's quote; "The purpose of life is to find your gift; the meaning of life is to give it away."

Gizelle holds a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Management Development - for which she received a 'Best Student' award - and a Postgraduate Certificate as a Learning and Development Practitioner.

On the 7th of January 2013, Gizelle and her husband celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and together they have three beautifull daughters. Unfortunately Gizelle's schedule does not allow for much spare time, but she enjoys spending time with her family whenever possible. She lives according to her own ethos that knowledge may be power, but self-knowledge is self-empowering.

Rochelle Vetman started working at IPD in November 2012. She was promoted to the position of Operations Co-Ordinator in mid-2013 and has enjoyed the process of taking on more responsibility. She delights in learning how to perform new functions in her job and being part of the process planning that leads to implementation.

With an overriding professional passion for people, Rochelle has chosen the perfect career to help others. Her zeal for others is evident in her favourite ism; "Treat people the way you want to be treated." Rochelle's personal goals are to make use of every opportunity given to her by IPD to enhance her career and education, while executing her duties and responsibilities more effectively.

In her spare time Rochelle enjoys spending time with her son, watching football live and reading.



Issued by The Old Shanghai Firecracker Factory

Skills Development is essential for South Africa's economic growth. This is an undeniable fact. However, this is not the only benefit. Profit corporations, while being concerned about the economic climate of the country, are generally only interested in this climate to the point where it stops affecting their businesses and profitability. To sell Skills Development as 'for the greater good of the country' is therefore ineffective when forgetting to mention the other advantages it creates. Following a path of 'compliance' leads to short sighted and arbitrary skills planning that frequently makes matters worse.


  • Assmang Chrome: Dwarsrivier Mine - ETD NQF Level 5
  • Rand Water - Final Submissions and Assessments for ETD NQF Level 5 Certificate
  • Eskom - Needs Analysis and Skills Planning
  • Morupule Coal Mine: Botswana - Train-the-Trainer
  • De Beers: Namibia - Assessment, Moderation and Evaluation
  • First National Bank - NQF 5 RPL Programme Support and Assessments
  • Transnet School of Security - ETD NQF 5 RPL Programme\BHP Billiton - Generic Management NQF 4


  • RPL Planning Workshop
  • RPL Review Workshop
  • ReCr8 Seminar
  • Planning for Managers
  • Performance Management
  • NQF Support Link: Training Management

Education, Training and Development:

  • Qualification: FET Certificate OD ETD Practices (NQF 4) (5 days)
  • Needs Analysis & Skills Planning
  • Learning Programme Design & Materials Development
  • RPL Planning Workshop
  • RPL Review Workshop
  • Training, Assessment and Coaching
  • Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation
  • Qualifications, Standards & Curriculum Design & Development
  • L&D & Quality Management

Happy Mother's Month to the world's ultimate teachers; the moms!
Thank you for moulding the future, building a confident generation and inspiring an attitude of learning.

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