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IPD January 2014 Newsletter


A word from IPD Director, Gizelle McIntyre:

Welcome back to the grindstone! 2014 is the year of the horse and we are already galloping along! As January draws to a close, we have reflected on 2013 and how we can reach even higher goals in the New Year.

IPD saw its fair share of successes and challenges, and we look forward to making 2014 a year of achievement and fulfilment for our Associates, staff and learners.

January is a good time to consider future planning; decide where you want to be in five years' time, identify what you need to do to get there and then go and do it!

According to
The main focus for most organisations in 2014 should be on
talent management and talent development...

Building an effective and cohesive team is no easy feat; yet a highly functioning, cohesive team is often the most important requirement for success in any business. A manager needs to be able to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of his/her team members and ensure that team members are suited to their positions and are provided with skills training to address the gaps in their knowledge or abilities.
"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct
individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows
common people to attain uncommon results."
- Andrew Carnegie

IPD has officially launched the new Management Qualifications and Skills Programmes!

In between the sea of management courses, workshops and programmes, IPD wishes to set itself apart as a provider that will bring real-world skills and return on investment to the arena. We are not intending to be just another provider, but rather THE provider. We will do this by ensuring top class facilitators, best practice material and methodology and an experienced ability to analyse your need and then provide EXACTLY what you need to increase performance and manage skills gaps.

The courses include the Level 5 National Certificate in Generic Management, which is made up of the following modules:

  • Planning for Managers
  • Management Foundations: Finance, Risk, Ethics
  • Relationship and Perception Management
  • Performance Management

One of the three specialisations can then be completed:

  • General Management
  • NQF Support Link
  • Skills Development Management

A Level 4 FET Certificate in Generic Management will also be offered, and this will be made up of the following modules and a specialisation:

  • Developing plans to achieve the team's objectives
  • Organise resources in accordance with a developed plan
  • Lead a team to achieve objectives
  • Monitoring performance

One of the following specialisations can then be completed:

  • General Management
  • Public Administration

Manage People, Manage the Future

At IPD we are tremendously proud of our team. Each one of the IPD staff brings their own set of skills and passions to the group and allows all of us to shine in the reflection of each other's efforts.
Top from the left
CEO: Mark Orpen, Director: Gizelle McIntyre, Sales: Nomava Nkosi, Operations Manager: Rochelle Vetman, Accounts: Chantel Horn and L&D Coordinator: Donald Lesele
Front from left
Catering: Pinky Motlakase, Sales: Rhonda Flowers and Project Coordinator: Liezl Kleynhans
  • Randwater NQF 5 Certificate - reaching the last leg of the training
  • FNB NQF 5 Certificate - submissions are being received
  • COGHSTA Skills Programmes - submissions are now due
  • Nestle Estcourt Skills Programmes - submissions are being received
  • SAPS NQF 5 Diploma - the first class has been done and we will be continuing on throughout the year
  • Assmung Mine NQF 5 Certificate - starting soon
  • Eskom Skills Programme: Needs Analysis and Skills Planning - there are two groups joining us at the end January

Management Programmes:

  • RPL Planning Workshop
  • Management Foundations
  • General Management
  • ReCr8 Seminar
  • Relationship & Perception Management
  • Skills Development Management
  • Planning for Managers

ETD Programmes:

  • FET Certificate ODET & Development Practices (NQF 4)
  • Needs Analysis & Skills Planning
  • Learning Programme Design & Materials Development
  • RPL Planning Workshop
  • Training, Assessment & Coaching
  • Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation
  • Qualifications, Standards & Curriculum Design & Development
  • L&D Management & Quality Management
  • ReCr8 Seminar


Happy Belated birthday to IPD's CEO and Chairman, Mark Orpen for the 8th of January.

Mark, we hope you had a wonderful day and that the year ahead will be filled with much success, prosperity and growth.


For more information, or to find out about the IPD training schedule, please visit, call us on (011) 315 2913 or

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
- Vince Lombardi
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