According to Malcolm Knowles (1970:38) Androgogics is the 'art and science of helping adults learn'.

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New Year's resolutions are fast becoming a thing of the past, but for those of you out there who have not finished a Learning and Development Qualification and would really like to, come and speak to us! Over the last few months we have been receiving many requests to complete programmes and RPL assessments that have been put on a back burner. Everyone knows how time flies, and it is extremely important to us that you, our existing and former learners know that we will assist you with the process of getting your studies and career back on track!

Please contact us so that we can guide you!

CPD News

The new self-directed format of our level 6 OD-ETDP qualification has brought a fresh and passionate set of new learners into our family. Welcome! IPD are proud to host such a special group of strategic thinkers and leaders in their respective fields and we are positive that your journey with us will lead to bigger and better challenges for each of you.

PS: Do not forget to get your discount for SABBP membership if you are an IPD learner!

Regards Gizelle


At last , the beginning of our exciting series of workshops aptly named Recr8. This series will point the passionate in the right direction, the disillusioned towards the light and change the mediocre into magic!

The workshops will run once a month over the year, allowing each participant the luxury of a constant Learning and Development journey into the new and the wonderful of Learning and Development. The topics are:

  1. Recr8: Learn more about yourself and how your personality, communication style, thinking pattern and conflict management style affect your communication with others.

  2. Rethinking the mystery of compliance: A short and simple tour of the latest in terms of the legislative framework of Skills Development as a whole and Learning and Development in particular, including the QCTO, NSDS III and more.

  3. Reinvent the roles and Responsibilities of the L&D Practitioner: Gone are the days that a trainer could walk into a class with a manual, wow a group with his style and leave to deafening applause! Most of our days are filled with paperwork and other administrative processes. Let us give you some tips on how to make your job something to be passionate about again.

  4. Refresh your attitude towards Policies, processes and procedures in the L&D world: Here is the challenge: Are your PPP's good enough that you could take all your staff on holiday to Mauritius and have temps run your business, and still make a profit?

  5. Rethink the uses of a Gap Analysis: Why are we still constantly asked to prove the ROI of training? Perhaps we need to relook at why we are training to begin with and this workshop provides you with a simple template tool to do a needs analysis before spending money on training.

  6. Revitalise your training material: Making Design and Development Simple: Cutting and pasting the Specific outcomes and Assessment criterion of a unit standard and filling in facts in between shall never a good training programme make! Take a simple template tool home on how to keep it simple, effective AND in alignment with learning programme approval principles.

  7. Recr8 your passion for training: Cool Activities: Come see just how effective group techniques can be. Experience the difference yourself and make all the difference to that next session you have planned!

  8. Refresh your knowledge of the Tools of the Trade: Always wondered why fantastic trainers seem to have a tool to use for every situation? That is because they have a tool for each situation! Let us share some with you.

  9. ReCr8 your style. Walking the Talk: The days of the "Sage on the Stage" are over. Welcome in the "Guide on the Side". Let the learning begin!!

  10. Reinvent Assessment and Moderation for the Real World: Ever wondered if you could use assessment for Performance Management? Let us show you how. Ever wondered how to eliminate the paperwork to a manageable heap instead of the mountain you deal with? Let use show you how! (No we are not going to sell you an electronic system, just years of experience!)

  11. Rethink Managing a Training Project: Come and experience a template tool for the coordination and implementation of a training event. Simple and effective.



Have fun and ENERGISE.


Resource: Rolls of toilet paper. Players: Small to large groups. Set up teams with 2-4 players on each team. One person on each team will be the mummy and each team will be given 2 rolls of toilet paper. They will have 5 minutes to complete the game. The team players are to circle around the mummy and pass the toilet paper to each other while wrapping the mummy in it. The leader of the group will be the judge and decide which team has created the best mummy design.


For more information about all our OD-ETDP training programmes, and for detailed programme outlines in PDF format, visit our website at and embark on an exciting journey of Outcomes-Based Learning through IPD. Our programmes are also available in other Provinces on demand.

The full 2011 training schedule is available here

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