Institute of People Development Advisor - November 2009
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The staff and management at IPD would like to thank all our valued customers for their loyal support and wish them a blessed festive season and prosperous 2010. Please note that although IPD will be closed from 14th December 2009 - 11th January 2010 for a well-deserved break, administrative support will be available up till 18th December and again from the 4th January.

It is exciting to announce that the first group that enrolled on the CPD programme will be attending their final module during November and although it has been an intense learning experience, these skills development practitioners have realised the value of attending a CPD programme that equips them not only to think more strategically but also provide them with tools on how they can be actively involved in skills development in their organisations.

"The OD - ETDP programme has deepened my insights on the national challenges and prospects in the skills development arena. The IPD has catered for my needs as a learner in situations where my schedule was disrupted from the unforeseen. I was able to view some DVDs of missed lectures and still submit my assignments on time. The combination of academic and industry perspectives has been a great innovation in programme presentation (Madimetja - Learner: Sept 2009)."

Remember that the 2010 intake for the N. Cert in OD-ETD Practices closes end November 2009, so don't forget to budget this (R34k per candidates) and get your training & development professionals to apply now.


The Institute of People Development was the first provider of SDF training and with more than 5500 SDF's trained over the past nine years it is easy to understand why INSETA awarded their SDF training to IPD. Confirming our commitment as an active provider, IPD has scheduled a SDF training course (NSP) on 19 - 22 January 2010 and all applicants who enroll and pay for this course before 16 December 2009 will enjoy a 15% discount!

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In the March issue of The IPD Advisor we featured an article on research and following the progress of participants on the CPD for Skills Development Practitioners programme, IPD identified the need for a programme addressing the fundamentals of research. ETD practitioners need to ensure they remain current within their field of practice so as to effectively deal with the many performance challenges in their work. With proper knowledge on how to conduct research, solutions can be found to address specific training needs. The shelf life of relevant information is getting shorter and shorter. What we need to know today may be obsolete within a year or two. Research entails much more than retrieving information and writing a report. When following a proper research procedure, information collected will better assist in justifying critical decisions and defining the content of proposals; conducting research adds immeasurable value and refines the validity of solutions to specific projects.

The "Conducting Research" programme will include a one-day lecture / workshop whereafter learners will receive electronic support from an IPD tutors / assessor followed by a one-day formative assessment and research review and ending with a summative assessment of the research assignment. The lecture / workshops will be offered countrywide in 2010, so please advise us of your interest in this programme by submitting an online enquiry here.



Though possibly an inter-SETA conference should have been held before, and often, the context for this first organised gathering held over two days at Gallagher Estate seemed urgent and relevant as SETA's are under siege where they should be seen as the hope for relevant and critical skills development in South Africa. We were reminded that SETA's are human development agencies that occupy a unique position in education and training that is vital to address skills shortage and compensation for the current poorly education system.

The message for most of the first day read loud and clear that this conference is the first step in the journey towards a greater SETA synergy as a collective voice that can benefit the brand and our country. It was suggested that the CEO's of the SETA's form a Council, with an elected Chairperson and office. And that the SETA's not merge, but rather form clusters within similar complimentary sectors. Minister Patel applauded the concept of a Collective SETA voice and challenged the SETA's to consider seven proposed Performance Indicators and then as a collective to determine their own standards and performance measures. He also announced the Layoff Training Scheme for staff that are to be retrenched.

On the second day, the numbers from the last four years were presented, and the multiple successful achievements applauded with a reinforcing message that SETA's have codified knowledge and skills as never before creating a pathway to employability, decent work and economic prosperity. There was an update on the NYDA Strategic Plan as well as a strong message from COSATU. Ivor Blumenthal, CEO of Services SETA, passionately presented feedback on sexy Services SETA strategies and programs.

The following links offer further information on the conference:

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4. Seta Voice debates future of Setas


For more information about all our OD-ETDP training programmes, visit our website at and embark on an exciting journey of Outcomes-Based Learning through IPD. All programmes are available in other Provinces on demand.

Click the programme title below to download a detailed PDF brochure.

Learning Programme Registered qualifications/unit standards included in the programme Training Dates
Learning Programme Design & Materials Development 114924 - Demonstrate an understanding of OBETů
123401 - Design outcomes-based learning programmes
123394 - Develop outcomes-based learning programmes
10305 - Devise interventions for learners with special needs
18 - 22 Jan
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning (SDF Training) 123396 - Define target audience profiles and skills gaps
15218 - Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for SD and other purposes
15217 - Develop an organisational training and development plan
15232 - Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation
15222 - Promote a learning culture in an organisation.
15221 - Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues
19 - 22 Jan
Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring 117871 - Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies
10294 - Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning
117874 - Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities
117865 - Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences
123398 - Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace
15 - 19 Feb
Continuous Professional Development for Skills Development Practitioners 50331 - National Certificate in OD-ETD Practices - NQF 6 (145 credits)
1-year programme - 8 x CPD modules
Jan 2010 (Gauteng)

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