Institute of People Development Advisor - December 2007

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  • What's New?
  • Launching the Ultimate CPD Programme toward a PGC in OD-ETD Practices!
  • Online Gap Analysis Screening Test - absolutely FREE during December 2007!
  • Public Training Schedule

What's New at IPD?

  1. 2008 promises to be a major career highlight for ETD Practitioners with the WORLD FIRST Post Graduate Certificate in OD-ETD Practices (NQF Level 6) and IPD is the `Provider of Choice' to host this in South Africa. Only 120 applicants will be accepted to this project at R 29,900 + VAT per participant. Click here for further details: and download the programme brochure. Applications open 01 December 2007 - read further below…

  2. As a further commitment to education leadership, IPD has scheduled fixed learner support workshops at The IPD House in Midrand every month during 2008, where candidates on any of the IPD learning programmes can receive hands-on professional guidance and support from ETD specialists, assisting in Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) development, further learning resources and formative assessment tasks.

  3. The IPD Training Schedule for 2008 is now available for all OD-ETDP developments through NQF level 4, 5 and 6. IPD now promises to meet all your OD-ETDP Training needs, and at all levels!

  4. From January 2008, Skills Development Facilitator Training through IPD will be offered over three days to accommodate both the time and cost considerations many of our clients have been asking for. Please contact our call centre on 0860 347 347 for more information.

  5. Please note that all training and consulting prices will increase by approximately 7% across the board from 01 January 2008. Should you wish to secure any training during January or February at 2007 prices, bookings and payments must be completed by 14 December 2007.

  6. The `LICENCE TO SKILL' breakfast seminars have been quite a hit since October with nearly 300 ETD practitioners attending these events. The continued demand has again prompted IPD to schedule another three events for January 2008 (Midrand 17/01, Durban 23/01 and Cape Town 30/01). All ETD practitioners and training providers should not miss this groundbreaking event. To avoid disappointment, book well in advance by visiting our website at; payment for attendance secures, and bookings close at 40 seats in each region!

  7. With the exciting new ETD developments taking place at IPD in 2008/09, there are new job vacancies that have opened up and we encourage you to review these at In particular, a new office manager to "man the helm" of our operations.

Launching the Ultimate CPD Programme toward a Post Graduate Certificate in OD-ETD Practices!

At last! IPD is proud to announce the first ever Post Graduate Certificate in OD-ETD Practices. On 03 March 2008 the official continuing professional development (CPD) programme for ETD Practitioners, leading to a National Certificate in OD-ETD Practices NQF Level 6 (120 credits) begins. The programme aims at harnessing the next generation of ETD Leadership in South Africa who will interrogate and refine best practice in OD-ETD. In summary the programme:

  • Equips practitioners to operate in FET colleges, private providers, institutes of sectoral and occupational excellence or enterprise training
  • Develops ETD practice as a strategic partner to business development
  • Integrates ETD practice as a key component of Government's accelerated and shared growth initiative
  • Leads to an NQF level 6 qualification
  • Develops skills across a range of ETD and business practices
  • Is constructed around Continuing Professional Development principles and practices in order to build on the experience of the professional practitioner
  • Uses a modular curriculum that encourages professionals to continue working while studying
  • Exposes learners to leading experts in various ETDP fields
  • Ensure quality learning and networking by surrounding the professional practitioner with a select range of upwardly mobile peers from widely differing areas of practice
  • Allows for specialisation
  • Takes place over 12 months

All interested ETD practitioners, please email We will send you further info and/or registration forms. Please note that full payment must be received in advance of the programme start date. A planning workshop will be scheduled to shape participation on the project.

The 2008 intake is limited to 120 candidates nationally and registrations close 08 February 2008 - SO APPLY TODAY!!!

Special Offer - OD-ETDP Gap Analysis Screening Test (FREE during December 2007)

Calling all experienced trainers, HR and ETD practitioners to make use of this not to be missed opportunity before 31 December 2007!

To support the various capacity building of ETD Provider initiatives currently hosted by some of the SETAs, IPD has opened up its online RPL gap analysis-screening test for FREE during December 2007! This tool has been carefully developed to evaluate literacy and numeracy of ETD Practitioners as well as self-assessment against all the relevant unit standards across the OD-ETDP Qualifications at NQF 4 & 5.

This online RPL assessment takes around 1 hour to complete, so please make the time available before you start. The reporting functionality is absolutely fantastic and will provide you with a factual, informed and comprehensive analysis of your current competence. Armed with this RPL gap analysis report, practitioners can now plan their own learning pathway and pursue various routes of either institutional or self-study. The OD-ETDP Book (R210.00 + VAT) is an ideal self-study training manual to fill training gaps right down to each unit standard level. This can be ordered online at:

Public Training Schedule

Learning Programme Registered qualifications/unit standards included in the programme Training Dates
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning 123396 - Define target audience profiles and skills gaps.

15218 - Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for SD and other purposes.

15217 - Develop an organisational training and development plan.

15232 - Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation.

15222 - Promote a learning culture in an organisation.

15221 - Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues.

15227 - Conduct skills development administration.
22-24 Jan 2008
Recognition of Prior Learning Intake NQF4 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices

NQF5 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices

NQF5 Diploma in OD-ETD Practices
28 Jan 2008
Post Graduate CPD Programme Intake NQF6 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices 03 March 2008
Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring 117871 - Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies.

117877 - Perform one-to-one training on the job.

10294 - Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning.

117874 - Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities.

117865 - Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences.

123398 - Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace.

115789 - Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts & critically evaluate spoken texts.
03-07 Mar 2008
Learning Programme Design & Materials Development 114924 - Demonstrate understanding of the OBET approach within the context of a NQF.

123401 - Design outcomes-based learning programmes.

123394 - Develop outcomes-based learning programmes.

10305 - Devise interventions for learners who have special needs.

115790 - Write & present for a wide range of purposes, audiences & contexts
10-14 Mar 2008
NQF4 Qualification Intake NQF4 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices 14 April 2008

To download IPD House Training Center Brochure including map: click here.

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