Institute of People Development Advisor - November 2007

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  • ETD Practitioners with full qualifications hit the SA roads - running!
  • Special Offer - Assessors!
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What's New at IPD?

  1. Due to the mind-blowing response to the `LICENCE TO SKILL' breakfast seminar, IPD has heeded the call from Capetownians & Durbanites to bring the action to the beaches during November 2007! From the re-release date at midnight last Wednesday, over 30 bookings were confirmed in three days and rising steadily this week. All ETD practitioners and training providers in the Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal should not miss this groundbreaking event. To avoid disappointment, book well in advance by visiting our website at; payment for attendance secures, and bookings close at 50 seats in each region!

  2. The IPD House Training and Conference Centre in Midrand has become a sought after meeting venue by training providers, SETA's, government officials and many corporate training departments looking for a great quality training venue at a reduced rate. With four professionally furnished training rooms, two meeting rooms and one boardroom, each with available standard training equipment, IPD House boasts ample clean ablution facilities, accommodates up to 100 delegates per day, is centrally located with secure parking, 24hr security and is an ideal venue for high quality accredited training provision. For further enquiries please contact Izelle Bester or Khaya Ngwevela at (011) 315-2913 or via e-mail.

  3. 2008 promises to be a major career highlight for ETD Practitioners with the WORLD FIRST Post Graduate Certificate in OD-ETD Practices (NQF Level 6) and IPD is the `Provider of Choice' to host this in South Africa. Only 120 applicants will be accepted to this project at R 29,900 + VAT per participant. Click here for further details: Applications open 01 December 2007 - so watch this space…

ETD Practitioners with full qualifications hit the SA roads - running!

An African Dream was revealed to the beat of the bongo drums for qualified OD-ETDP graduates attending their graduation ceremony at IPD House on 02 November 2007. Graduates to the National Diploma in OD-ETD Practices (NQF Level 5) celebrated the event with their partners and were entertained by interactive drumming sessions with The Drum Café. The keynote speaker; the CEO of the ETDP SETA, Mrs Nombulelo Nxesi echoed the need for qualified OD-ETD Practitioners to deliver the sectors' immediate scarce and critical skills agenda and the NSDS2 toward 2010. The call for qualified ETD Practitioners to develop learning programmes for emerging providers to deliver learnerships resounded from this address and commendations around the RPL model developed and implemented by IPD abounded. With the need to increase capacity of qualified practitioners in the sector, IPD responded proactively by announcing its high quality (and at a low cost) accredited OD-ETD training materials to be made available to all emerging providers as well as making available its' acclaimed online `gap analysis self-assessment tool' for the ETDP SETA to refine its sector skills needs analysis across all ETD Practitioners.

This was a wild and passionate event with qualified graduates eager to take to the roads to implement their skills. Look out for photo's of these graduates, soon to be posted onto our website.

Special Offer - Assessors!

Calling all assessors trained during the past 5 years who still need to be assessed (to become registered assessors)!

Due to ongoing pattern of emerging providers going out of business before their learners complete their learning contracts, The Institute of People Development (IPD) again offers a FREE INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT to all assessors and moderators who have started compiling their PoEs, but were unable to complete the process, for whatever reason! If this is you, then…

All you need to do is participate on a "bridging" program that aims to contextualize the relationships between conducting assessments, designing assessments, conducting moderation and program evaluation. This integrated program and assessment is shaped around the following unit standards:

115753 - Conduct outcomes-based assessments.
115755 - Design & develop outcomes-based assessments.
115759 - Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments.
123397 - Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments.

This carefully designed 5-day program also addresses the key problems with assessment practices in South Africa, and prepares participants to establish the systems to quality assure assessments in their respective workplaces.

This integrated program includes a FREE copy of the New Release Occupationally-directed ETD Practices Book: 2007, Meyer, Orpen: Lexis Nexis, as well as a FREE integrated assessment; and will provide participants with 47 NQF credits and ensure eligibility to register as an assessor and a moderator.

Only ONE Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) will be required for this module and will cover ALL the above four unit standards. Should you have already compiled a PoE for `plan & conduct outcomes-based assessments', you WILL NOT have to do this work again, so just include your existing PoE when submitting the new integrated PoE for this programme.

This unbelievable offer is available during Nov/Dec 2007 only at a special rate of R 6,900 + VAT. (This includes full conference package for 5 days, guidance and support, review workshop plus one FREE assessment valued at R 1,900 + VAT)

Date : 03 - 07 September 2007, IPD House (Midrand)

Venue : IPD House, Midrand

Contact Nirasha, Linda or Bryton on (011) 315-2913
for more information, or email!

For more information about this exciting course and other OD-ETDP training programs, visit the IPD website at to embark on an exciting journey of outcomes-based learning through IPD.

Public Training Schedule

Learning Programme Registered unit standards included in the programme Training Dates
Quality Management & ETD Administration 15228 - Advise on the establishment and implementation of a quality management system for skills development practices in an organisation

15232 - Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation
19-23 November 2007
Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation 115753 - Conduct outcomes-based assessments.

115755 - Design & develop outcomes-based assessments.

115759 - Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments.

123397 - Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments.
03-07 Dec 2007
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning 123396 - Define target audience profiles and skills gaps.

15218 - Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for SD and other purposes.

15217 - Develop an organisational training and development plan.

15232 - Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation.

15222 - Promote a learning culture in an organisation.

15221 - Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues.

15227 - Conduct skills development administration.
22-24 Jan 2008
Recognition of Prior Learning Intake NQF4 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices

NQF5 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices

NQF5 Diploma in OD-ETD Practices
28 Jan 2008
Post Graduate CPD Programme Intake NQF6 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices 01 March 2008
Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring 117871 - Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies.

117877 - Perform one-to-one training on the job.

10294 - Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning.

117874 - Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities.

117865 - Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences.

123398 - Facilitate the transfer and application of learning in the workplace.

115789 - Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts & critically evaluate spoken texts.
03-07 Mar 2008
Learning Programme Design & Materials Development 114924 - Demonstrate understanding of the OBET approach within the context of a NQF.

123401 - Design outcomes-based learning programmes.

123394 - Develop outcomes-based learning programmes.

10305 - Devise interventions for learners who have special needs.

115790 - Write & present for a wide range of purposes, audiences & contexts
10-14 Mar 2008
NQF4 Qualification Intake NQF4 Certificate in OD-ETD Practices 14 April 2008

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