Institute of People Development Advisor - April 2007

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  • Outcomes Based Learning, "The way to successful learning"!
  • Time to Develop Material that is Outcomes Based!
  • Public training schedule

Outcomes Based Learning, "The way to successful learning"!

Gone are the days when learning excellence was based on how well one could memorize the contents of a textbook. Outcomes based programmes are about results applicable in a working environment. Hence there are unit standards that underpin accredited learning programs. These are registered statements of desired education and training outcomes and their associated assessment criteria together with essential embedded knowledge and other requirements are specified by a national standards generating body (SGB).

The updating of unit standards allows learning programmes to continuously improve in quality, allowing learners to adapt to a changing learning environment and to the needs of the evolving economy. They are also there to guide learners and educators in the preparation of learning material and are also a means of recognizing achievement as per the National Qualification Framework (NQF) requirements. On the other side of the coin, there are standards by which learning should be offered and the Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) Bodies accredit training providers who offer outcomes-based learning.

In this era where organizations are transforming into learning organizations there is a huge need for trainers or practitioners to acquire the skills and knowledge to implement outcomes based learning in their organizations.

With a learning programme design and materials development course offered by the Institute of People Development, learners and practitioners in the field are now able to develop, evaluate, plan and record learning programmes. Thus enabling them to identify what training their organizations need and be able to develop the appropriate program and training materials for the target group identified.

Time to Develop Material that is Outcomes Based!

It is that time again to review training requirements and the related programs & materials in order to have Authentic Outcomes to meet the companies requirements. It is also that time to identify competence gaps and staff training requirements, and plan for suitable programs to progress productivity in the company.

  • Do you need to update your training programs in order to produce better deliverables in your organisation?

  • Do you need to to have accredited training materials that are outcomes-based?

  • Do you want to know how to plan for appropriate learning programs?

  • Do you want to know how to develop training materials?

If you answered `yes' to any of the above,

You should attend the IPD's - 5-day 'Learning Programmes Design & Material Development' training course to meet your needs.

The program is directed at developing an understanding of broad curriculum development processes, developing of outcomes-based learning programs and training materials that relate to the goals and principles supporting the National Qualifications Framework. We have structured a group-learning program such that actual work requirements are achieved during this module.

Limited seating available:

Date : 7-11 May 2007
Venue : IPD House (Midrand)

For more details on this & other IPD programs contact Thembi or Shoni
on 011-315-2913 or

Public training schedule for 2007

Learning Programme Date
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning 16-20 April 2007
RPL - N. Dip in OD-ETD Practices 25 Apr 2007
Learning Programme Design & Materials Development 7-11 May 2007
Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring 21 - 25 May 2007
Quality Management & Administration 04 - 08 June 2007
RPL - N. Dip in OD-ETD Practices 28 June 2007
Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation 09 -13 July 2007

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