Institute of People Development Advisor - February 2007

In this month's issue:

  • Turning Quality Assurance into an organisational "culture"!
  • Addressing scarce and critical skills needs.
  • IPD public training schedule for 2007

Turning Quality Assurance into an organisational "culture"!

  • Need to make sure that all your company's standard operating procedures are workable, reported on and continuous improvements made?
  • Need to ensure standards and policies are implemented according to your company's procedures and turn these into an organisational culture?
  • Need to get accredited to deliver NQF registered qualifications and unit standards based training and be part of the levy grant system?

If you answered `yes' to any of these in 2006,
then ACT now and improve 2007!

The Institute of People Development (IPD) can help you to design and develop a cost effective and time efficient Quality Assurance System for today, tomorrow and the future.


The Quality Assurance & ETD Administration Programme equips practitioners to:

  • Develop a wider understanding of what counts as a learning program - the focus of management and quality management
  • Introduce the theory and practice of quality management.
  • Introduce the theory of quality management systems as understood and implemented all over the world.
  • Sketch the policy environment for quality assuring education and training in South Africa.
  • Develop a quality policy and manual for any process that provides education and training.
  • Summarise the quality assurance requirements for provider accreditation under SAQA.
  • Introduce the theory and practice of learning organizations. The focus is to build on the strengths and harness the weaknesses of quality management systems by using the "disciplines" from an opposing school of management theory.

Limited seating available:

Date : 5-8 March 2007
Venue : IPD House (Midrand)

For more details on this & other IPD programs contact Thembi or Shoni
on 011-315-2913 or

Addressing scarce and critical skills needs.

During 2006, the ETDP SETA commissioned a comprehensive research project into identifying what are the scarce and critical skills in the sector. By November, the Comprehensive Report on Scarce and Critical Skills in the ETDP Sector was presented and IPD was tasked to compile a sector Career Guide and facilitate a series of workshops nationally to assist all constituent employers in the sector to use this Guide. February is the delivery month and to date over 700 registrations have been made with numbers growing daily.

IPD wishes to report that to date :

  1. 100% of participants have reported that the workshops have improved their understanding of Scarce & Critical Skills in the ETDP Sector.
  2. 94% have rated the guide as useful to them.
  3. 90% said they were able to use the Guide to implement skills development in their organisation, and
  4. 97% stated they would include Scarce and Critical skills development initiatives in their 2007/08 workplace skills plans.

The next step in process is for the ETDP SETA to complete a labour market analysis and align their sector skills plan to the results, then refine the Scarce and Critical Skills Guide to be even more useful to the sector.

IPD is proud to have been of service to the ETDP SETA during this project and looks forward to working with other SETA's in taking forward their Scarce and Critical Skills Development Research and information dissemination requirements too.

To download a copy of the ETDP SETA Scarce & Critical Skills Guide, click here.

Public training schedule for 2007

Learning Programme Date
RPL - N. Dip in OD - ETD Practices 27 Feb 2007
Quality Management & ETD Administration 5-9 Mar 2007
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning 12-16 Mar 2007
Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation 26-30 Mar 2007
RPL - N. Dip in OD-ETD Practices 25 Apr 2007
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning 16-20 April 2007
Learning Programme Design & Materials Development 7-11 May 2007

To download IPD House Training Center Brochure including map: click here.

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