Institute of People Development Advisor - January 2007

In this month's issue:

  • Making Outcomes Based Education & Training Work!
  • BEE - Buzzword or Trust word?
  • Public training schedule for 2007

Making Outcomes Based Education & Training Work!

  • Is your company still using old fashioned and outdated teaching & training methods?
  • Are you training your staff but they still can't apply what they've learned?
  • Do you need your trainers to be skilled in outcomes based facilitation and assessment skills, applicable to your workplace?
  • Do you need to mentor, guide or support learners on skills programmes and learnerships?

If you answered `yes' to any of these, then look no further:

The Institute of People Development (IPD) can help you to align your facilitation, coaching & mentoring practices to outcomes based education & training principles as well as to your organisations learning needs!


The Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring Programme equips practitioners to:

  • Developing the competence required to coach, mentor, guide and support learners as well as to facilitate learning. We have therefore structured group-learning activities such that actual work requirements are achieved during this module. Such work outputs will need to be identified and candidates prepared to achieve these during the process.
  • Anyone playing the role of facilitator, mentor or coach needs to be able to do a number of things: They should be competent to develop facilitation, mentoring or coaching programs, including session plans and materials. They should be able to conduct group or individual facilitation, mentoring and/or coaching sessions. They should be able to provide learners with guidance and support around learning and career path choices. They should also be able to continuously improve their practice through researching their own facilitation, mentoring or coaching practices and those of others in their organization.

Limited seating available:

Date : 19 - 23 February 2007
Venue : IPD House (Midrand)

For more details on this & other IPD programs contact Thembi or Shoni
on 011-315-2913 or

BEE - Buzzword or Trust word?

Mark Orpen and John Fanana, Directors of the Institute of People Development (IPD) are prepared to be blunt and up-front about black economic empowerment in an unfolding, shared economy. "A few years back, we set up a consortium to meet BEE requirements on a government tender and failed miserably; we learnt some valuable lessons and are taking them heart," they admit." The reasons were not complex - the relationships were shallow, personal agendas abounded and although organisational trust existed to some extent, we lacked the critical ingredient - cultural trust. No BEE framework will produce this trust; it has to be developed over time and we did not achieve it.

"Now we have both invested many years defining our own relationship; we have observed and tested each other's cultures, evaluated ethics, visions and beliefs. This has given us the time to be sure that we were willing to go the distance together. We believe that BEE partnerships need time to build trust and should not be entered into lightly," explains Orpen.

Fanana elaborates, "Relationships are what count the most in any business. We have had an opportunity over the past six years to build on trust not only in business but also in our personal lives. Our wives have also formed part of the relationship in supporting one another and ultimately both of us.

"Without a genuine relationship and cultural trust, the communication between directors becomes a camouflage for hidden agendas. Transparency has become a business buzzword in South Africa but in our case it is rooted in reality - I trust Mark behind my back as he trusts me," concludes Fanana.

Come and meet us at IPD House Conference & Training Centre in Midrand where academics, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and committed learners meet, interact and expand the knowledge economy of South Africa - try us, you will trust us!

Public training schedule for 2007

Learning Programme Date
RPL - N. Dip in OD - ETD Practices 06 Feb 2007
Learning Program Design & Material Development 12-16 Feb 2007
Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring 19-23 Feb 2007
Quality Management & ETD Administration 5-9 Mar 2007
Needs Analysis & Skills Planning 12-16 Mar 2007
Assessment, Moderation & Evaluation 26-30 Mar 2007
RPL - N. Dip in OD-ETD Practices 25 Apr 2007

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