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Does RPL match academic learning?

"Business internationally has criticised the recognition of prior learning (RPL) system by stating that those people who go through an RPL process after 5 year's working experience are not as good as those who acquire it formally - they just didn't cut it, states Mark Orpen, CEO of the Institute of People Development (IPD).

"They speak of something missing - 'a graduateness'. Graduates are able to produce work outputs and solve problems by reflecting and referencing the theories, models and techniques they were taught. RPL candidates, by contrast only had the trial and error method to fall back on and this included both good and bad habits.

In addressing this major concern, IPD has gone out on a limb and took on this task to prove it could be done differently and in fact produce 'graduates'. More controversially, it decided to test this with vocational educators and workplace trainers, who themselves have been heavily under the spotlight of transformation of education and training.

A sample of 60 participants towards certificates and diplomas in OD ETD practices at Level 4 and 5 were identified and a rigorous RPL process initiated. The sample showed most participants had in excess of 10 years experience in industry training but more than 90% lacked an understanding and experience in Outcomes Based Education (OBE).

Furthermore, more than 95% lacked the 'professionalism' required. Given an educational task, they took it, implemented it, and got paid. Few reviewed the work in relation to curriculum requirements, customising the learning programme to context of participants or integrating workplace specific outputs to be accredited learning programme outcomes.

IPD developed a heavily supported best practices model for the RPL that both the accrediting body, the ETDQA (serving the industry) and the Council for Higher Education (serving education) can be proud of.

"The company is now poised to fastrack this model to serve the private and public FET College Sector by 'professionally' qualifying vocational educators and workplace trainers so that education can be made more responsive to local economic requirements," concludes Orpen.

Started in February 2000, IPD has established itself as a market leader in the provision of Education & Training Development (ETD) best practices. This has enabled thousands of Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) and hundreds of ETD provider companies that have gone through IPD's rigorous training to render an invaluable service to the public and private sectors in South Africa, through the provision of skilled occupation directed education, training and development practices to further the goals of the NSDS.

Special offer! - Assessors

Calling all assessors trained during the past 4 years who still need to be assessed (to become registered assessors)!

The Institute of People Development (IPD) now offers a FREE INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT to these assessors!

All you need to do is participate on a "bridging" program that aims to contextualize the relationships between conducting assessments, designing assessments, conducting moderation and program evaluation. This integrated program and assessment is shaped around the following unit standards:

Unit standard NQF Level Credits
Conduct outcomes-based assessments 5 15
Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments 6 10
Design & develop outcomes-based assessments 6 10
Evaluate learning programs 5 12

This carefully designed 5-day program also addresses the key problems with assessment practices in South Africa, and prepares participants to establish the systems to quality assure assessments in their respective workplaces.

This learning program plus FREE assessment; will provide participants with 47 NQF credits and ensure eligibility to register as an assessor and a moderator.

Only ONE Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) will be required for this module and will cover ALL the above four unit standards. Should you have already compiled a PoE for `plan & conduct outcomes-based assessments', you WILL NOT have to do this work again, so just include your existing PoE when submitting the new integrated PoE for this programme.

This unbelievable offer is available during September 2006 only at a special rate of R 6,900 + VAT. (This includes full conference package for 5 days, guidance and support, review workshop plus one FREE assessment valued at R 1,900 + VAT)

Limited seating available:

Date : 11 - 15 September 2006 + 27 Oct 2004
Venue : IPD House (Midrand)

Contact: Antoinette or Thembi on (011) 315-2913 and book today!

Public Training schedule

Learning Programme Date
Assessment Moderation & Evaluation 11-15 Sep 2006
Facilitation, Coaching & Mentoring * 29 Sep 2006
Needs Analysis & Skills Training 2-6 Oct 2006
Learning Program Design & Materials Development 16-20 Oct 2006
Assessment Moderation & Evaluation * 27 Oct 2006
RPL Planning workshop 12 Oct 2006
Quality Management & Administration 6-10 Nov 2006
Needs Analysis & Skills Training * 3 Nov 2006
Learning Program Design & Materials Development * 24 Nov 2006
RPL Review workshop 28 Nov 2006

* PoE workshop

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