Taking the changes brought about by the new Skills Development Amendment Act into consideration, IPD originally created the ReCr8 programme for the L&D sphere in order to ensure that work related resources are not taken for granted and to create a scenario where a workforce will happily attend effective and productive training, providing true ROI and improved learning evaluations, positively impacting on performance and productivity. The purpose of the ReCr8 Workshops has been expanded to keep Learning & Development, HR and Management professionals up to date with the changes in the macro- and micro-environment. ReCr8 provides a platform for the hosting of continuous professional development events that span the L& D and Management spheres on the premise that training should ReCr8, ReInvent and ReVitalise new ideas and lead to CPD.

The ReCr8 Workshop held on the 11th of March 2014 focused on Management Flair, encompassing Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Development. IPD Director, Gizelle McIntyre, facilitated the workshop, which was held at the IPD Conference Centre. Topics covered included the definition of coaching and mentoring, the benefits of coaching and mentoring programmes, how to develop leaders and group leadership coaching.

Participants were provided with a Coaching Plan to assist their application of the knowledge acquired.