Skilling South Africa

We need to train for our country not our companies.

While many believe that Skills Development puts the employer at risk of losing staff, there is much evidence to suggest the opposite. Someone who feels that their company is investing in them will often be extremely loyal to the company. If staff members leave once they are up-skilled, it is likely that they were planning on leaving even before the training started. In the meantime, whilst the employee is undergoing training, he/she is still working for the company and the company is therefore still benefitting from the training.

It is important, however, to ensure that the correct staff members are selected for the correct Skills Development courses. Prior to beginning training, an organisational needs or gap analysis should be conducted. This is often not done in cases where Skills Development is merely done for window dressing purposes; the company has budget for Skills Development, so it does it. This actually leads to wasted money and low return on investment because staff are sent on inappropriate training or on training which they have already completed, which may lead to staff feeling insignificant and even less job satisfaction. This, in turn, has a negative effect on the company as a whole.