Productivity Through Management

By Mark Orpen, CEO at The Institute of People Development (IPD)

Two elements are required to maintain motivation and deliver productivity; getting people to work, and making work for people.

Getting people to work entails managing performance, skilling talent, effectively managing management, and assigning correct employee positions. Making work for people requires delegation, and a dedication to entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Management takes finesse. Although a rewarding position, managers will face challenges.

When skilling talent, a professional skills gap analysis is required to create a Personal Development Plan (PDP). It is essential to review the results and adjust the PDP going forward to prioritise the development of needs.

Managers’ development must be continued. There’s always a new skill to learn or perfect. Technical expertise does not equate to management expertise.

Succession planning is crucial, channelling employees, based on their skills, into the correct management positions. Skills audits should be held annually. Ownership of performance criteria is crucial for an effective and productive workforce.

Management focuses on making work for people. Effective delegation shares workload and responsibility. An entrepreneurial approach creates employment. With intrapreneurship, direct responsibility is taken for turning an idea into a profitable finished product. Work is created and effective leaders developed – through careful management, targeted training, and expert guidance.