A season 4 new beginnings

The Institute of People Development (IPD) hosted a small group of clients including Nedbank, Sage, Netcare Group, NHLS, KPMG, Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) and others in Midrand, Gauteng this week.

Many established brands choose to differentiate themselves with a new name, visual identity, positioning and vision;  like ABSA, SABC, John Deere and others have recently done.  Whether it is to escape the past or to catapult a brand into the future, creating a corporate image that attracts and connects with your customer is key.

For the past two decades the Institute of People Development (IPD) represented a conservative South African learning institution.  It strived for linking academic credibility and industry relevance to its learning and development products and enabling services.  Since the turn of the century, it has served the countries’ National Skills Development Strategy; leading compliance programmes in skills development.  IPD soon became a Private FET College offering accredited career qualifications for learning and development practitioners, and later in general management.  A recent review of its market position confirmed the company was lacking innovation, leadership, diversification and currency.  IPD needed to better connect with existing customers, expand its customer base whilst remaining consistent in its broad product offerings.

“It was necessitated by shifts in the learning qualifications landscape.  The rising number of exponential organisations, increasing demand for productivity, the replacement of humans with robots, digitalisation, nanotechnology, biotechnology, big data and the ‘Internet of Things’ are affecting the changing world of work.  Therefore IPD is repositioning its image and brand as a fresh, trendy, enlightened, future-thinking, state-of-the-art, growth aggregate.  And we will continue enabling the enablers of people development for the future of work.” reported Mark Orpen (CEO) at the event.

Due to growing populations, declining resources, environmental damage, climate change and food insecurity, humans are all connected in their existence and survival.   Increasing competitiveness, the changing world of work and technologies means that people will have to be skilled and re-skilled more often in the future.

Going forward…

IPD is again at the forefront of shaping learning & development in the workplace.  Its acclaimed 4HR Masterclass features leading global and SA experts on human resources implications in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).  IPD provides an engagement platform to reposition human resource development (HRD) practitioners relevant for the next decade.  Staying abreast and ahead of modern job requirements is no easy feat.   Private and government sector organisations can now partner with IPD, gearing staff for these challenges.  The future is here, are you ready for it?